Knights Templar Knights of Malta Officer Jewels - Maltese Cross. Ribbon w/ pin back: short, $20.00 Working Tools & Rod Tops As a battle cry then, 'Beau Seant' was a charge to 'Be noble' or 'Be Glorious'." By extension, the eagle symbolizes baptized Christians who have symbolically died and risen with Christ. specific organization, D19220 Jewel Past Commander $78.00. Each jewel complete with KT top bar and black & white ribbon. Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Grotto, MOVPER, particular fraternal organization. The hollow square (also known as the infantry square) was a formation assumed by the infantry when threatened with a cavalry attack. Perfect for the larger jewels. Its fiery flames which emanate to all directions represent the blazing of the wisdom-awareness fire of full enlightenment. $265.00. Gold Plate & enamel, <= It is always a pleasure to work with people who can make things happen. High Priest, Grand Chapter, Cryptic Masons, Purple House, Royal Our Knights Templar Officer Jewels are manufactured in the U.S.A. The crossed quill pens, which seem to be the international symbol of a secretary, are the Recorder's jewel. Track Orders Favorites Shopping Bag Sign In . from $12.00. KT COLLARS, JEWELS , GLOVES, AND SLEEVE EMBLEMS. For full source code to this script and 100's more, visit Its main purpose seems to have been as a rallying point for the Templars. Extending this idea, it also represents the power to admit or to exclude. Showing 1-12 of 20 results. Free Shipping For All Orders - (303) 681-9333 Order Over the Phone $129.95. Sign up for the latest news, offers and styles, Copyright 2023, New London Regalia. To begin with, the triple triangle has long been taken as a symbol of Deity. PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Satin | RKT11 Knights Templar Guard Jewel $51.00. $39.00. Chapeau Accessories (27) Grand Officer Jewels (15) Knight Templar Chapeaus (10) DESIGN D: KT-693 In this symbol we find the truth of God's grace. Taken as a whole then, this jewel reminds us of God in three persons, of the sacrifice of Jesus the Son of God for the sins of the world, and of the choice we have in accepting or rejecting him as Savior and the Lord of our life. also provide items for International Association of Turtles, Inc. At the right is the Prelate's jewel. PRICE: $60.00 Metal Cap Crosses 103:5 and Isa. One thief hurled insults and ridiculed Jesus, ultimately rejecting the salvation He offered. Double Badge Holder where you can display one jewel or flip it and it holds two jewels. These jewels are available in gold plate. 2023 Dean Masonic Supply. The Commanders jewel is gold plated, while the other 14 are rhodium plated. On behalf of Grapevine Masonic Lodge #288, I thank you and your staff. The Knights Templar is a Christian-oriented fraternal organization based on the ancient organization that was founded in the 11th century. Knights Templar Officer Jewels- Individual Jewels. Finally, we see that the jewel contains three passion crosses. Hard plastic name badge for your breast pocket. 1232 $163.00. 3 Indicate what you want on each line Title, ie: Bro., W. Bro, etc. Your Name, ie: JOHN DOE Past High Priest jewel. Disable right mouse click Script (By Crash @ PRICE: $24.99 each (Silv-X) D9123 Sword Knights Templar Freemaon Masonic Past Commander Ceremonial Sword Gold 31" blade $169.00. Knights Templar - Cap Cross, Enameled. Quantity: RKT1-15 KT OFFICER JEWELS. ALL PRICING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE, 2020 KALAMAZOO SPORTSWEAR & REGALIA, LLC. However, the geometric square has many other interesting symbolic interpretations. Grand Commandery Jewels Price: $69.00. Commandery Jewels. Add To Cart. Each jewel complete Top Bar and Black & White Ribbon - Past Commander, Gold plate RKT16, Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more . PRICE: $1,550.00 (10KT). Double edged swords give us symbolism of duality of nature and the dual powers of manifestation. To order : 1. Expressions (TM) | back to $31.00, Regular price Further, St. Michael is the first among the archangels and prince of the heavenly host. DESIGN KT-S: Silver Anointed High Priest Jewel Gold Plate with Red Ribbon. unless specified as such. Past High Priest Jewel, Gold Plated with Simulated Stones. "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trump of God." Rings | Regular price for whole set of 15 jewels with ribbon and top bars is $806.50, special pricing . D1802 Master Jewel from $26.00. RSG9 Captain of the Guard Officer Jewel $105.50. KT950MERIT - Knights Templar Merit Award Jewel. Designs for the well-styled Sir Knight. Bracelets | We're not around, but we'd love to chat another time. It is a hollow square, with a sword thereon. Equipped with magnetic back to ensure jewel is secure. The jewel of the Eminent Commander is gold color for both the suspension bar at the top and the jewel. RSG-19 Shrine Past Potentate Jewel $87.50. Knights Templar: The Masonic Supply Shop is a distributor of quality Masonic supplies and regalia at competitive prices proudly serving the International Masonic Fraternity. Queen of the South, Amaranth ] if (e.which == 3) { The Masonic Exchange offers a wide range of Masonic Knights Templar Officer Jewels, including the Knights Templar Prelate Officer Jewel, Knights Templar Warder Officer Jewel and more. The symbol of the square was discussed in conjunction with the Senior Warden's jewel and that of the crossed swords in the Sword Bearer's jewel. Metal Sleeve Crosses Later, the rooster would signify the repentance of the saint and religious vigilance as well as resurrection. Cyrenes/HTC/Lady Knights | The installation ceremony is silent as to its symbolism. [The Masonic Apparel & Accessories Connection/University This jewel is one of the most interesting in that its two main components, the flaming sword and the eagle, possess a wealth of symbolic meanings of which only a few will be mentioned here. } The square is to remind you that friendship and love should ever govern Freemasons and particularly Knights Templar. "So He drove out the man, and He placed cherubim at the east of the Garden of Eden, and a flaming SWORD [chereb, destroying weapon] which turned every way to guard the way to the tree of life." per letter or symbol. [ Consistory (14-33) In the Lodge we are taught that the level is a symbol of equality. book ] Perfect Matron, Order of Cyrenes, Cyrene Crusaders, Heroines of the PRICE: $74.99, Past Grand Commander cap cross Favorite. Varsity | DRAC36GP Jewel Hanger for York Rite Mark Gold Plated, DRSM12 Jewel Council Grand Illustrious Master Gold Plated, DRAC33GP Jewel Past High Priest, gold plated w/simulated stones, D15335 Jewel Past High Priest Gold Plate with Red Ribbon, D2134 Jewel Past Prior Gold Plated w/Cord, D3137 Jewel RCC Member Gold Plated with Purple Ribbon, Jewel Knights Templar Excellent Attendance Award, D8246 Jewel Knights Templar Past Commander Topbar Triangle (Large). PRICE: $29.99 each (Gold Plate). Daughters of the Nile, LOS of NA, Ladies Oriental Shrine of North Add to Cart. Let the sword of justice, therefore, be ever drawn to guard the Constitution of the Order. His fate was sealed. Price: $45.00. $164.75, Regular price Add To Cart. PLEASE ALLOW 4-6 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. Standard black ribbon attached. If so, its purpose will have been fully realized, and the labor involved in writing it will not have been in vain. Designed by SSG (Streamline Solutions Group), Order of Eastern Star & Heroines of Templar Crusad, Designed by SSG (Streamline Solutions Group). God's care over his people is likened to that of the eagle in training its young to fly (Ex. Warden's jewel as one might expect if the inclusion of the immoveable Masonic jewels in our Templar jewels should follow in progression as begun with the Generalissimo's jewel. Fratline offers the finest Commandery Officer's Jewels available. Jewel of Office, Meritorious Jewels, Badge of Commanderies, Malta and Red Cross Jewel may be worn on the left breast, placed in the order named, from wearer's right to left and on a Line with the Third button of the coat. 2. Allow 6-8 weeks for production and shipment. All contents of this site, including but not limited to all images and text, are the property of UNIVERSITY APPAREL, Inc. and may NOT be reproduced, distributed, or used without express written permission. D17112 Jewel Past Illustrious Master Gold Plated, D16525 Jewel Knight Mason Past Chief Burgundy Ribbon and Gold Plated, DRBL148SXPW Silver Trowel w/Purple Ribbon & Wreath, D2137 Red Cross of Constantine Viceroy Gold Plated with Purple Ribbon, Knights Templar - Cap Cross with Rays. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Knights Templar Jewels. On the other hand, it has been taken as a symbol representing war, aggression, and power. Many Commanderies use breast jewels for their officers. DESIGN C: KT-692 D19511 Jewel (AMD) Allied Masonic Degree Member w/Green Ribbon, Sold Out Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or As such, it became a symbol for Christ's passion. website are not marketed nor offered for sale as ready-made or in-stock retail items for any $56.50, Regular price available in Silv-X or gold plate. Connection. The final jewel is that of the Sentinel. ], [ DESIGN A: KT-16PGC available colors: red, purple, Top Bar additions, $30.00 Jurisdiction, Southern Jurisdiction, Shriners, Nobles, AAONMS, NOW | LOCOP | Hockey ], [ HOME; . Perfect for the smaller jewels. Symbolically, the black section is said to have depicted the sins of the secular world that the Templar knights had chosen to leave, while the second section was white depicting the purity that the order offered them, a sort of transformation from darkness to light. PRICE: $32.99 (Gold Plate), Grand Commander cap cross PRICE: $74.99, Officer Jewels Please note all jewels are Specifications for Texas Templar Full Dress Uniform. . if (document.all) { Knights Templar Commandery - Malta Cross Jewel. Royal Arch Past Grand High Priest. The Templar Dress uniform of an Officer or Member of a Subordinate Commandery shall be as described in Subsection (a1),(b1),(c1), (d1), (e1), or as described in Subsection (a2), (b2), (c2), (d2), (e2). Then I will extend the symbolism as applicable. General, Commanders of the Rite, AASR, Scottish Rite, Northern As already noted, the symbol of the square was discussed in conjunction with the Senior Warden's jewel. We Badge measures 3"x4 1/2". PRICE: $39.99. View Details. The jewel of this office is a triple triangle with a red passion cross in the center of each triangle. collars, books, fezzes, pins, keychains, medallions, jewelry, Black & white grosgrain ribbon connects top bar to emblem of Office. The square, as we know, is the jewel of office of the Worshipful Master of a Blue Lodge. These jewels are available in gold plate. The jewel of the Warder, shown at left, is a hollow square with crossed swords and a trumpet thereon. P.O. Blackinton & Co., Inc. 221 John L. Dietsch Boulevard Attleboro Falls, MA 02763 Working Days/Hours: Mon-Fri / 7:30 AM - 4:15 PM Reference to it is found throughout the Bible, but to us as Christians, it has a special significance. All these jewels are silver and comes with drapes and top bar to attach to your uniform. the Roman Consul Gaius Marius decreed that the eagle would be the symbol of the senate and people of Rome. For us as Templars, the three equilateral triangles of the Prelate's jewel represent the three figures of the Christian godhead-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. HOME | Gold Plated with wreath. D19461 Past Preceptor Jewel, Gold Plated, Red Ribbon. The jewel is an eagle with wings spread holding in its talons a flaming sword. The Sword Bearer's jewel is depicted at right. Add To Cart. As the level was to insure evenness of a surface, the plumb was to insure perpendicularity and right angles to that surface. $52.25, Regular price 1300 $56.00. $37.00, Regular price For more DESIGN D: KT-27P It was used by the Romans and Chinese in ancient times and more recently in the Napoleonic Wars. Past High Priest Jewel Gold Plate with Red Ribbon. } (Genesis 3:24) The flaming sword was nothing else than the special symbol of God's immediate presence with the Holy Spirit. approximately 1-inch. $49.95. The Commanders jewel is gold plated, while the other 14 are rhodium plated. The Iranian Empires (Persia) were among the first who used the eagle as a standard. information about this website, please contact the $41.00, Regular price "; It is said that the eagle sheds his feathers in the beginning of spring and with fresh plumage, assumes the appearance of youth. [ HOJ | Pythagorans, Mark Master, 4, Royal Arch Masons, HRAM PHA, Past PRICE: $27.99 each (Gold Plate), Grand Commander sleeve cross Lodge/Chapter Accessories | We make custom satin jackets, varsity RKT29 The jewel of the Guard is a hollow square, with a battle-axe thereon, and is shown at the left. Notice that the crossed swords are pointing downward symbolizing rest or peace. $70.00, Regular price In Brahmanism, Vishnu incarnates in nine avatars to sacrifice himself for the salvation of men. Its obvious symbolic meaning is that of the Recorder's responsibilities for letter and document (records) writing and preservation. D1801 Senior Deacon Jewel 3" from $26.00. Knights Templar Officer Jewels- Individual Jewels. D1804 Secretary Jewel from $26.00. This symbol is sometimes referred to by the Latin name Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) or in heraldry, Holy Lamb. Eminent Gr. D8144JRC-1 Jewel Knights Templar Red Cross from $12.00. available in solid colors (medium blue, royal, red, green, black, PRICE: $24.99 each (Silv-X) In Revelation, John saw four animals in the midst of and about the throne, "The fourth beast was like a flying eagle." example: 2007-2009, Jewel Cords RKT2 Knights Templar Commander Jewel $54.00. // -->, The This habit, along with its fiery red comb, also makes the rooster the symbol of fire, the sun, and of Christ, the light of the world, who announces an end to spiritual darkness and despair. The triangles being the same size remind us of the equal importance of all three. RKT4 Knights Templar Treasurer Jewel $52.00. Cases | polo shirts, twill shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, bags, flight Past Grand Commander Jewels The walking or marching lamb illustrates that activity we should pursue in marching steadily onward to help spread His kingdom on earth. This new website will have more information to come. At right is the jewel of the Captain General. alert(message); D2156 Jewel KYCH w/Cord $34.00. They all come with a top bar and a black and white ribbon. D6699 Badge Holder Double Jewel $9.00. Is the word of God "sharper than a two edged sword," or is the flaming sword a symbol for the word of God guarding yet pointing the way to the tree of life? Jewel of the Junior Warden. Hall Affiliated | The jewel of this office is a triangle with crossed swords. Available with red or green cross. In Christianity, the rooster is noted for crowing three times when Peter denied Christ. document.captureEvents(Event.MOUSEDOWN); Add an extra bar with years served DESIGN B: KT-25 Powered by Shopify, Knights Templar Commandery Officers Jewels, RKT15 Knights Templar Senior Warden Jewel, RKT6 Knights Templar Standard Bearer Jewel, RKT1 Knights Templar Captain General Jewel, Royal & Select Masters Council Officers Jewels. You're at the right place! Commandery, Grand Commandery, KYCH, Priory, York Rite, 14, Join our email list and get great deals and save money. Royal Order of Jesters, Mirth is King, AEAONMS, Ancient Egyptian D9924 Masonic Knights Templar Sword Silver with Chain $88.95. The Masonic Exchange offers a wide range of Masonic Knights Templar including Knights Templar Prelate Officer Jewel, Knights Templar Warder Officer Jewel and more. D9930 Badge Holder Magnetic Short $5.00. In Christianity the sword symbolism deals with protection, righteousness, and justice. This is precisely why our team of artisans fashion each piece with incredible care. } It is also an emblem of Deity. Charms | This symbolic action sacrifices physical bondage to release a path to ethereal or enlightened freedom. Hi, I am around, click 'start chatting' to contact me. (1 Thess. Bars available at 70 Knights of Templar Masons The Order of Eastern Star, Odd Fellows, Demolay, and Amaranth Royal and Secret Masters Prince Hall Royal Arch Scottish Rite Shrine and Grotto Address: V.H. The use of black and white metaphorically to symbolize duality is quite ancient. Masonic House Directory: Mason | Prince 2023 Dean Masonic Supply. Knight's Templar Knight Crusader of the Cross Lapel Pin & Jewel w/Black & White Ribbon, both Gold Plated. $101.00, Regular price RKT8 Knights Templar Prelate Jewel $52.00. PRICE: $54.99 (Plain) $89.99 (w/ KT Top Bar), DESIGN D: Custom Grand Officer Plain sleeve cross Please note all jewels are made-to-order. [ Past Master ] Designed by SSG (Streamline Solutions Group), Order of Eastern Star & Heroines of Templar Crusad, Designed by SSG (Streamline Solutions Group). $151.50, Regular price But the flaming sword symbol is not confined to Judaeo-Christian theology alone. You're at the right place! It is easy to see how the eagle, which represents the most spiritual and penetrating power of human thought, might well be a symbol of the Lord's omniscience and His ever watchful care. KNIGHTS TEMPLAR COLLARS & JEWELS KNIGHTS TEMPLAR SUPPLIES KNIGHTS TEMPLAR UNIFORM ITEMS KYGCH, KYCH - Knight of the York Cross of Honour LAPEL EMBLEM PINS - 10KT Lapel Pin Emblems - Die Struck LAPEL PIN EMBLEMS- Cloisonne and Plated LODGE DEGREE WORK REGALIA LODGE REGALIA AND TOOLS MAFM - BLUE LODGE - M. & A. F. M. Because the eagle seems to easily ascend the skies, looking into the sun with unblinking focus, we could ascribe to it a symbol of the Christian's unblinking faith in Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Free Shipping For All Orders - (303) 681-9333 Order Over the Phone The jewel is a square, surmounted by a paschal Lamb. Standard In other ancient cultures, the eagle represented spiritual protection, carried prayers, and brought strength, courage, wisdom, illumination of spirit, healing, creation, and a knowledge of magic. power xl air fryer turn off beeping,
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